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S​/​T 12"

by Avvika

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Fire 16:06
(You can find czech and swedish translations on our website: http://avvika.musicforliberation.com) We’re stuck in tracks, printed long before us. The impression of progress keep us stray in the darkness. Blinded, deaf, so calmly we suffocate. The way out is dreadful and thorny. Branches cut my face and hold me back. I loose my step, tripping on the roots. It´s hard to get past it, It´s hard to get past myself. It seems I´m lost so far, without goal. But in the distance I can hear the fire. First of all I have to batter the walls built inside my mind, because they chain me down the most. Open my eyes and belive that there is a light. Stand up on my feet and breathe in new fresh air. Begin to take steps armed with new energy and belief. Trust in myself and in my passion, a fire in my heart. I can make a crown of thornes, be satisfied and pretend that theres no one bleeding, but no longer can I stay comfortable fooled. Learn, admit and react. Someday I want to see the clear sky. This place has taught me how to dream, I want to see thrones crumbling into dust. This place has forced me to imagine, I want to see statues tumbled on the ground. This place has taught me how to dream I want to see flags ripped into rags. This place has forced me to imagine, I want to see ruins of the glory. But this place wont last forever, I want to see flames burning it all down. This lethargy has lasted way too long, we were blindfolded and lost in time. Fires are ignited and spreading out, they can´t all be stepped on or put out. The despair is vanished in flames, I can hear it the inextinguishable fire.
(You can find czech and swedish translations on our website: http://avvika.musicforliberation.com) (Here you can find an explanation of this song http://avvika.musicforliberation.com/?p=216) The beginning of Genesis says that God created man in order to give him dominion over fish and fowl and all the creatures. Of course, Genesis was written by a man, not a horse. There is no certainty, that God actually did grant man dominion over other creatures. What seems more likely, in fact, is that man invented God to sanctify the dominion that he had usurped for himself over the cow and the horse, over the pig and the bird. Yes, the right to kill an animal is the only thing that all mankind can agree upon, even during the bloodiest of wars. We have been at war with the other creatures of this earth ever since the first human hunter set forth with spear into the primeval forest. Human imperialism has everywhere enslaved, oppressed, murdered, and mutilated the animal peoples. All around us lie the slave camps we have built for our fellow creatures, factory farms and laboratories, Dachaus and Buchenwalds for the conquered species. We slaughter animals for our food, force them to perform silly trics for our entertainment and delectation, gun them down and stick hooks in them in the name of sport. We have torn up the wild places where once they made their homes. Speciesism is more deeply entrenched within us even than sexism, and that is deep enough. The most calamitous and fragile of all creatures is man, and yet the most arrogant. Is it possible to imagine anything so ridiculous as that this pitiful, miserable creature, who is not even master of himself, should call itself master and lord of the universe? The domestication of women followed the initiations of animal keeping, and it was then that men began to control womens reproductive capacity, enforcing chastity and sexual repression. A greedy monster devouring with a thousand mouths. The spirit of Capitalism made flesh. European explorers and colonists, who at home abused, slaughtered, and ate animals to a degree unmatched in human history up to that time, sailed forth to other parts of the world representatives of a religious culture that was as theologically arrogant and violence-justifiying as any the world had ever seen. In the made-for-TV culture the only addmitted genocide is now part of history. “It’s comforting – it’s over”. But aren’t the Aushcwitzes of today animal farms, transports, laboratories and slaughter houses that are so carefully hidden from view? Where the most defenseless of the world’s victims are merely seen as material. Nowhere is patriarchy’s iron fist as naked as in the opression of animals, which serves as the model and training ground for all other forms of opression. Sight, sound and smell. Death on monumental scale. No one wants to hear it, no one wants to see. All unseen and unheeded, this horrible crime is buried out of sight, wiped out of memory. …thou shalt not be a perpetrator; thou shalt not be a victim; thou shalt not be a bystander. …”If learned throughout society, those three commandments could help people see that choices we make determine the extent to which we are perpetrators, victims, or bystanders in a society that has long been carrying out a holocaust against animals and other beings and ecosystems while declining to recognize it as a holocaust.” “the point of understanding the Holocaust in Europe is to prevent and halt other ones, not to remain narrowly focused on that particular one, traumatic though it was.”


You can download the album here for free or you can contribute something, if you like to. If you wanna download it with the lyrics file or we´re lack of free downloads, use this link: avvika.musicforliberation.com/avvika-st.rar

The tracks were recorded during a weekend in November in the DIY studio Music For Liberation in Olomouc by Blum xVx and bass was rerecorded in December in our rehearse room in Praha by Peklo. String instruments were recorded in December 2013 in a DIY studio in Richmond, California by xKeeganx. Mixed and mastered by Blum xVx. Artwork done by xBimx during the winter and edited by Martin Tvrdý. Booklet composed by Dan.

xBimx - vocal
Dan - drums
Veru - bass
Bětka - guitar
xFilipx - guitar

With special guests:
xLisax - violin
xKeeganx - cello

Used samples (chronologically):
"Slaves marching" - basic sounds recorded at home and the rest of the sound image was done by Martin Tvrdý.
"Ann Hansen" - taken from her last speech before she was sentenced to life in prison (Canada 1983). For more information about "Squamish 5" read "Direct Action, Memoirs of an urban Guerrilla" written by Ann Hansen (2001 - Between the lines, AK press).
"Train in the rain" - recorded during a beautiful summers night in Dečin.
"Free range eggs" - from the movie "Turlock", by Keegan the Vegan
(xKeeganx), about a great rescue of thousands of chickens. (vimeo.com/60114526)
"Three commandments" - taken from the book "Eternal Treblinka". The quote is written by David Cantor. Recorded at home, narrated by Aničkha.

Special thanks to:
Martin Tvrdý: sound images and artwork edit.
Hynek: help with printing sleeves and this card.
Edith: booklet printing.
Peklo: bass recording.
Bohuš DVP: space for rehearsing and writting lyrics (whole Eternal
Treblinka was made in DVP).
Šaman and xHankax: borrowing music gear.
xKeeganx and xLisax: strings recording.
And the most special thanks to Blum xVx without whom this record would be never done. His golden nerves and passion made this whole record possible to sound as it sounds. Thank you Blum.

Dedicated to political and non-human prisoners all over the world.
And also to all the people who still pick up hitchhikers.


released February 26, 2014




Avvika Czech Republic

We are five friends from Praha (CZ), Děčín (CZ) and Stockholm (SWE) playing dark hc/punk with lyrics full of rage and hope for freedom and equality.

Go vegan!

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