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We’re stuck in tracks, printed long before us.
The impression of progress keep us stray in the darkness.
Blinded, deaf, so calmly we suffocate.
The way out is dreadful and thorny.

Branches cut my face and hold me back.
I loose my step, tripping on the roots.
It´s hard to get past it, It´s hard to get past myself.
It seems I´m lost so far, without goal.

But in the distance I can hear the fire.

First of all I have to batter the walls built inside my mind,
because they chain me down the most.
Open my eyes and belive that there is a light.
Stand up on my feet and breathe in new fresh air.
Begin to take steps armed with new energy and belief.
Trust in myself and in my passion, a fire in my heart.

I can make a crown of thornes,
be satisfied and pretend that theres no one bleeding,
but no longer can I stay comfortable fooled.
Learn, admit and react.

Someday I want to see the clear sky.
This place has taught me how to dream,
I want to see thrones crumbling into dust.
This place has forced me to imagine,
I want to see statues tumbled on the ground.
This place has taught me how to dream
I want to see flags ripped into rags.
This place has forced me to imagine,
I want to see ruins of the glory.
But this place wont last forever,
I want to see flames burning it all down.

This lethargy has lasted way too long,
we were blindfolded and lost in time.
Fires are ignited and spreading out,
they can´t all be stepped on or put out.

The despair is vanished in flames,
I can hear it the inextinguishable fire.


from S​/​T 12", released February 26, 2014




Avvika Czech Republic

We are five friends from Praha (CZ), Děčín (CZ) and Stockholm (SWE) playing dark hc/punk with lyrics full of rage and hope for freedom and equality.

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